De Kunstweek (Week for Arts)

The aims and objectives of "De Kunstweek" (Week for Arts) are:

  • to collectively promote art in general and to enhance the reputation and appreciation of Dutch artists and their works of art and designs in particular;
  • to stimulate looking at, buying, renting/leasing and collecting art through stimulating visits to art galeries, museums and fairs;
  • to provide insight and understanding of how and to what extent Dutch artists have been appreciated throughout times;
  • to support organisations that develop and deploy activities in the arts sector and that initiate discussions and publications on creative arts.
  • An active and versatile (art promotion) policy underpins how these aims and objectives are realized.

In 2011 the Kunstweek is taking place from Saturday 5 November to Sunday 13 November.

Artist of the Year

The title Artist of the Year is traditionally awarded by an extended panel of experts and artlovers. In 2010 their choice fell on Sam Drukker, ‘a versatile artist who has the ability to portray people in all their vulnerability and all their strength with sheer brilliance. He does this not only by using a variety of techniques on a range of materials, such as wood and canvas (when the basic colours of the materials underline the vulnerability and strength of the subject) but also through his choice of subject matter and method, and-most importantly-by constantly renewing himself. This last attribute is rare among successful artists.
Source: Dutch Heights 2011


Kunstweek (Kunstwoche)

Die großangelegte Veranstaltung 'Kunstweek' (Kunstwoche) stimuliert alljährlich dazu, Kunst zu bewundern, Kunst zu kaufen oder zu mieten und auch zu Diskussionen über Kunst, indem sie die bildenden Künste der Niederlande und bildende Künstler ins Scheinwerferlicht stellt. Dazu werden eine ganz Reihe von Aktivitäten, Veranstaltungen und Festlichkeiten organisiert. In 2011 findet die Kunstweek vom Samstag 5 November bis Sonntag 13 November statt.


Kunstweek (La Semaine de l'Art)

La Semaine de l'Art, manifestation étendue, stimule tous les ans la découverte de l'art, l'achat ou la location d'oeuvres et le débat sur l'art, en mettant les beaux-arts et les artistes néerlandais sous le feu des projecteurs. C'est l'occasion d'assister à un grand nombre d'activités, événements et festivités. En 2011, la Semaine de l'Art est organisée du samedi 5 novembre au dimanche 13 novembre.

Stichting Kunstweek
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